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Inventory & Logistics

Inventory & Logistics

The inventory & logistics division was established in our organization in April 2010 and its main goal is to provide the right item in right quantity, in scheduled time at the correct destination thus achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.  The division provides support to the following divisions within Saif Bin Darwish : Central workshop machinery / transport – Mussafah and all branches, Rental division,  Saif Bin Darwish Crushers & Aggregates, Interior & joinery division, Facility division, All asphalt and wet mix plants, M. E. P division and all our projects

Responsibilities include the effective support to the document control archiving system, 100% physical stock verification of assets (heavy machinery equipment & vehicles) periodically and controls the companies waste management system (scrap disposal, recycling system etc..)

The division holds an inventory value of 45 million (AED) along with 20,000 line items spread across 45,000 square meters of warehousing area. It consistently maintains a zero percent discrepancy levels, by conducting weekly perpetual inventory divided into bi-annual cycles. Our staff also undergoes regular job awareness training programs.