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Sheikh Khalifa Bridge (Saadiyat Bridge)

A major bridge was constructed over the creek between the Saadiyat Island and the Abu Dhabi City. The entire area of the island shall be endowed with the tourism related facilities in order to promote the tourism industry of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Construction of this major bridge with the balanced cantilever method by incremental launching principle was awarded to the Ed: Zublin-Saif Bin Darwish Joint Venture in December 2006 by Tourism Development and Investment Company of Abu Dhabi Government.

The access roads on the Mina area to the bridge and the entire road works involved in the construction were part of the Project. The completed Bridge was handed-over to the Owner on 31 August 2009 prior to the Contract completion date of 02 December 2009 by implementing an accelerated program. The total length of the bridge is 1455m with 22 spans. The Central spans are 110m, 200m and 135m with clear provision to serve the navigational channel underneath. This precast concrete segmental box-girder bridge is constructed span by span. Some spans are erected incrementally cast-in-place using the balanced Cantilever method with form travelers. The transition unit is a two span, continuous concrete box girder bridge cast-in-place on scaffolding. The approach units are multispan, continuous, precast concrete segmental box girder bridge constructed span by span. The width of the carriageway is 23.20m each side while a median of 11.0m is kept in between with a clear provision for future railways. Bridge lightings are installed including Architectural illumination lights in attractive colours.

The Saadiyat Bridge is a significant landmark to connect the tourism designated Saadiyat Island to Abu Dhabi City. Upon the completion of the Bridge and Expressway, now it is possible to travel through this Bypass route to northern Emirates and to Abu Dhabi International Airport without interfering the local traffic of the city roads.