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Expansion of Abu Dhabi Airport

Airport Works

Expansion Of Abu Dhabi Airport

In the expansion scheme to improve the present facilities of Abu Dhabi Airport, there are different construction packages under execution. The works related to the “Rough Grading” package was awarded to Saif Bin Darwish on 15 July 2005 by Abu Dhabi Airport Authority through the supervision committee SCADIA. The work was completed in March 2007 including all the works in scope. Thereafter, the project “Midfield Grading – Contract” was taken up where bulk earthworks were to be carried out along with Asphalt Roads, wherever required.

Construction of the New Hardstand and taxiway connections with AGL etc. were accomplished on the runway under heavy security and safety measures of Abu Dhabi Airport Authority.

The total volume of earthwork carried out in both contracts will be in the range of 27million m3. Later, the Contract “Midfield Grading Construction – East Midfield” awarded to Saif Bin Darwish with a volume of 26 million of earthworks and associated works was completed by March 2011.

Expansion of Abu Dhabi Airport
Expansion of Abu Dhabi Airport

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