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Al Ain – Al Wagan – Al Qua’a Road

The project comprise the construction of approximately 27km of dual carriageway from Ch.24+000 to Ch. 51+000; each carriageway is composed by two lane 3.75 wide flanked by 3.0m wide asphaltic paved shoulders; the two carriageways are separated by a 6m wide planted median. While the horizontal alignment of the existing road will be maintained the vertical alignment will be modified to improve it and to allow the construction of vehicular Underpasses. The road will be constructed on granular fill embankment and the pavement will consist of bituminous layers overlaying a layer of aggregate base course. The project include the construction of emergency crossovers, construction of laybys, construction of service roads, construction of Vehicular Underpass, construction of surface water drainage work, protection & relocation of existing overhead lines etc.