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Upgrading Of Northern Ring Road Of Al Ain And Improvements

The Project “Upgrading Northern Ring Road of Al Ain City and improvement of intersections” undertaken by the Al Ain Municipality was awarded to Saif Bin Darwish by the end of year 2008. The scheme envisages the construction of a three-lane flyover bridge (Interchange No.1) and construction of a four-lane dual carriageway underpass (Interchange No. 2) at Bida Saud Roundabout. There is another underpass (four lane-interchange 3) at the Towayya Roundabout. Construction of Al Foah Underpass and construction of two Wadi Bridges are also included in the scope of the works. The concrete works involved in the construction are found about 80,000 m3. This project is under execution now which is expected to be completed by February 2012. A number of service lines are to be relocated and newly installed on the project.