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Major Earthwork Projects

Major Earthwork Projects

Saif Bin Darwish is well established with proper Engineering need to be carried out for the placement of soil materials to effect drainage, land features and avoid settlement. We have the Surveyors and Engineers capable to handle GPS equipment, total stations, laser digital and optical levels, laser and ultrasonic measuring equipment, so that soil is moved efficiently to achieve the land contour design.

Saif Bin Darwish has completed several contracts for construction of large and small Beams taking care in using materials and carrying out the compaction of materials. Also we are well experienced in rock placement with safe, accurate and careful use of heavy equipment, often in restricted areas, such a way as to achieve the desired effect and fulfill the client or landscapers vision.

Using our own plant and equipment Saif Bin Darwish are able to carry out extensive land contouring projects throughout the GCC.

Past projects of embankment works, wadi enhancement, airport enabling works for runways and associated hardstandings through to road, dams and reservoir land contouring, we have the expertise, knowledge, labour and machinery to guarantee an on time, on cost and quality product.



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