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Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Maintenance of the existing pavement involves performing the roadworks required to arrest the deterioration of roads or rehabilitation of the existing road. It could varies from injection of the cracks appears on the top asphalt layer, to a major reconstruction of hole or part of the existing pavement. Widening of existing roads, improving or creating the landscaping, installing or upgrading the existing stormwater drainage, etc. The maintenance of the bridges includes but not limited traffic control items, bearings and rollers, expansion joints, debris and removal, scour protection, strengthen individual members etc.

With our extensive fleet of road construction machinery Saif Bin Darwish also undertakes considerable road maintenance and infrastructure repair and upgrading projects.

Throughout the UAE we have been appointed for bridges, underpasses, roads, embankments, road services and utilities maintenance and repairs costing billions of dirhams.

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