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Meizeria (Liwa) To Madinat Zayed (Contract 3B)

The Department of Public Works, Abu Dhabi had planned to open up a long road from existing Tariff Road to Liwa, an Oasis desert city, through a route, away from the conventional route so as to reduce the traveling time taken along old road engaged by ADNOC in the western region. The Project consisted of 19.20km two lane dual carriageway, an RC camel/vehicle underpass structure and drainage structures was commenced on 15 June 1998 and was handed-over to the Employer on 11 January 2000 with all works in the scope completed.

The RC underpass was constructed for the camels/vehicles to cross the road as the ROW is encompassed with fencing throughout. A number of intricate existing services such as water, electricity etc were relocated with the help of specialized subcontracts. The work also involved street lighting throughout the road. The highway consists of dual two lane carriageways 3.75 wide in bi-directions along with asphalt shoulders on both sides. Major earthworks to the range of 10 million m3 were carried out in the construction of this highway.