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Meizeria (Liwa) Road to Madinat Zayed (3C)

The Contract of the road from Meizeria (Liwa) to MadinatZayed (Contract 3C) was awarded to Saif Bin Darwish in the end of 1997 and the works were commenced in January 1998 and completed in April 2000. Dual carriageway in contra directions was constructed along the route which passed through sand dunes and in the same terrain as that of the proposed Mafraq-Ghweifat Motorway. The construction of two RC underpasses was also completed on the road which was meant for the vehicular traffic/camels to cross the highway. The length of the part of the highway was 19.60km with 3.75m wide carriageways. Major earthworks were carried out in the project to the order of 5.0million m3. Works also comprised of street lighting and services. The project was handed-over to the Client on 13 April 2000 successfully.

A number of internal roads, sector roads, dual carriageways, rehabilitation of the existing roads in Abu Dhabi and Northern Emirates, construction of underpasses and culverts were constructed along with all utility works such as sewerage networks, pumping stations, sewerage treatment plant, relocation and new potable water lines, storm water works associated with appurtenances, Electrical works and street lighting, telephone relocation and new installations, etc.