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Either as part of a contract or as a separate commission, Saif Bin Darwish design and construct surface water and waste/foul water systems as per Client and Consultant specifications, local authority requirements and international standards.

During the last twenty five years Saif Bin Darwish has been commissioned and successfully completed several major projects in connection with sewers, storm water drainage, irrigation and potable water networks throughout the UAE region.

Taking care to protect and care for our employees in the construction process is fundamental to our operations, and all projects will consist of adequate safety measures designed to ensure that the required deep narrow trench excavations are securely supported. Using trench shoring panels and sheets or, where site conditions allow, we will adopt the wide trench excavation method as our preferred option up to depths of fifteen metres or more. Our extensive pre-commencement site ground investigations will have determined whether multi-stage dewatering systems are required.

Our vast experience in both gravity and pressure type systems, the procuring, supplying, inspecting, testing and laying of GRP pipes, VC pipes, RC pipes and UPVC pipes to specified criteria and their specific internationally recognized Standards is one of our advantages. With the associated construction of shallow or deep manholes, connection chambers, access chamber, lifting and pumping stations, and the supply and manufacture of sewerage treatment plants all make Saif Bin Darwish the preferred Contractor for these types of infrastructure projects.

Our capable, fully qualified and experienced operatives will test and commission all services prior to and after the connection to the existing service network. Our full and comprehensive service designed to offer clients a smooth and untroubled project is why Clients choose Saif Bin Darwish Company. Saif Bin Darwish has established an independently operating Division for HDPE pipe works mainly used in the irrigation, potable water and fire protection networks, and using our specially trained engineers and butt fusion welders we offer a complete and unrivalled service.

Capable to construct HDPE pipelines up to 1200mm diameter using our own fully automatic butt fusion welding machines and experienced welders our workmanship and performance levels remains one of our strong points for both quality and cost efficiency.

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