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Saif Bin Darwish has seamlessly created a self-reliant and fully autonomous ecosystem, offering a comprehensive spectrum of services that encompass all aspects of our projects. Within our setup, diverse divisions, such as Operations, MEP, Plant & Machinery Workshops, Inventory, Logistics, and Rental Divisions, collaboratively operate to ensure we have the utmost control and capability in every facet of our work. With our own state-of-the-art Crushers and Asphalt plants, we’re not only self-sufficient but also equipped with the capacity to deliver the essential materials needed for our projects, minimizing the need for extensive subcontracting. Furthermore, our IT requirements are expertly handled in-house by our dedicated DBA Infotech team, completing our holistic and self-contained approach.

Our self-reliance extends beyond just efficiency; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence. This integrated structure allows us to maintain a high level of quality control and streamlined processes, ensuring that each project is executed with precision and a dedication to delivering top-notch results. By harnessing the power of self-sufficiency, Saif Bin Darwish guarantees the fulfillment of our clients’ expectations while enhancing the overall project experience.



Our MEP division stands at the forefront of Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing construction, catering to the infrastructure and building sectors. Our Infrastructure and Building MEP Services encompass a comprehensive spectrum, featuring HV, MV, and LV Network Cables, Street Lighting, Substations Up to 33kV, Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations, Multi-Storey Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, Filling Stations, Bridges, Airfields, and Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems.

With an adept team of over 250 seasoned professionals, our division is well-equipped to offer end-to-end solutions, from procurement and material acquisition to supply, installations, testing, commissioning, and maintenance for your projects. This ensures that your infrastructure and building MEP needs are not only met but exceeded, with seamless execution and top-quality service delivery.

Material Management

Established in April 2010, our inventory and logistics division is dedicated to ensuring optimal customer satisfaction by delivering the right items, in the right quantities, precisely on schedule, and to the correct destinations. This division plays a vital role in supporting various Saif Bin Darwish divisions, including Central workshop machinery/transport in Mussafah and all branches, the Rental division, Saif Bin Darwish Crushers & Aggregates, Interior & Joinery division, Facility division, all asphalt and wet mix plants, M.E.P division, and all our projects. Key responsibilities encompass efficient support for document control archiving, periodic 100% physical stock verification of assets such as heavy machinery and vehicles, and management of the company’s waste disposal system, including recycling.

With an impressive inventory value of 45 million AED and a wide range of 20,000 line items spread across a 45,000-square-meter warehousing area, our division maintains a remarkable zero percent discrepancy rate. This is achieved through rigorous weekly perpetual inventory checks divided into bi-annual cycles and continuous job awareness training programs for our dedicated staff



Our Operations Division is primarily responsible for equipment rental and transport. Its main focus is to support the company’s projects and to provide material haulage services from company owned crusher in Fujairah to customers all over United Arab Emirates.

There are currently more than 3248 vehicles and equipment’s in the fleet operated by a team of over 1380 well trained and experienced drivers and operators. Company has a modern fleet fitted with GPS monitoring system and uses latest rental management software. The fleet operation is well supported by a network of satellite workshops and central workshops. Operations Division yards and fuel stations are located at Mussafah, Mafraq, Tarif, Al Ain and Siji to cater to the rental and transport needs throughout United Arab Emirates.

Asphalt Plant

Saif Bin Darwish Civil Engineering Construction’s specialized Plant Division oversees a cutting-edge fleet, comprising earthmoving equipment, compaction tools, asphalt plants, and more. With a proficient management team and modern systems, we ensure market-leading standards through meticulous analysis and strategic planning of operations.

Our centralized workshops, manned by highly skilled mechanics and technicians, facilitate comprehensive in-house maintenance and rebuilds for our equipment, ensuring top-notch safety and efficiency. This rigorous approach, encompassing planning, regular inspections, and continual improvement, echoes our commitment to excellence, mirrored by the services of our construction site workshops. Our maintenance services span a wide spectrum, including refurbishing heavy and light plants, truck and vehicle maintenance, reconditioning engines and transmissions, hydraulic system overhauls, electrical repairs, climate control upkeep, tire maintenance, welding, fabrication, precision sandblasting, and more.


Crusher Plant

Saif Bin Darwish Crushers epitomizes excellence in the production of a diverse range of rock-based construction materials. Originating in Al Ain in the 1960s, the company relocated to Siji, Fujairah, in 1997. Situated advantageously amidst Fujairah’s abundant natural resources, our facility enjoys seamless accessibility to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond through an extensive road network.

Our cutting-edge Crusher production plant, hailed as a benchmark in the industry, boasts the latest high-tech equipment, fostering a highly skilled workforce adept in various areas such as management, blast engineering, geology, and more. Committed to delivering superior quality aggregates and rocks suitable for multiple construction applications including asphalt, concrete, and marine projects, we consistently prioritize building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with our valued clients


At Saif Bin Darwish, we are committed to delivering high quality projects that meet or exceed our Client’s expectations, and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, external providers, and other stakeholders. We are also committed to protecting the environment and minimizing our environmental impact. We recognize the importance of adhering to Client QHSE standards and complying with all local authorities regulations and requirements to drive and successfully complete the project. We will achieve this commitment by implementing a comprehensive QHSE Management system, and providing our employees with the training and resources they need to work safely and efficiently. Our commitment to QHSE is the foundation of our business ethos, and it defines our responsibility to our clients, employees, and the communities we serve.

Saif Bin Darwish is one of the leading civil engineering and building construction contractors in UAE. They form an integral part of the Darwish Bin Ahmed and Sons group ( who represent a fully established and locally owned series of business groups for over 40 years across 4 continents in more than 50 countries.

© 2024 Saif Bin Darwish, All rights reserved.

© 2024 Saif Bin Darwish, All rights reserved.